Friday, October 2, 2009

2nd Practice

Today (Fri) is the 2nd practice or shall I say, lesson, with Elizabeth Sensei and Damon Senpai... it is realy tiring cz well... d ache frm wed havent healed yet n here i am puttin more pressure on my muscles.. bt since we were allowed 2 do it at our own pace... it doenst hurt tat much ^^ reli nice of them 2 allow us 2 do so ^^

D other day we learnt Komai *i tink thatz hw its spelled* and d basic feet movement of d feet for kendo... and also a lil bit of sword swinging and incorporate it with basic feet movement.. as 4 today.. it was d attack feet movement and at d end of d day *b4 we go down n c senpai-tachi having their renshu Damon-senpai thought us 2 incorporate the swinging wif d attack feet movement. pretty tough while thinkin bout ur feet moving faster and gettin d swing stable n all.. well, i guess i did it pretty slowly.. LOL i reli reli reli hope things will get better as d weeks pass by :)

What Damon-senpai said 2day was pretty cool... kendo is x bout using ur energy but about controlling ur sword... i guess its kinda true cz if u put 2 much force in it..u mite end up hurting urself rather than ur opponent n there is a high chance that he/she mite take advantage of tat situation... well, bottom line is, always b in control of everytin u do :) n well, another fact which Damon-senpai told me was.. usually around 75% drops Kendo... LOL i hope i would be one of d 25% though in msia 2 practice kendo would b kinda hard cz its not popular as others like taekwondo or karate.. hence, kendo dojo is almost never in sight.. *sighs* but nvm.. ill try 2 search one i guess n get myself work out there even after graduating ^^

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