Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1st Practice

As soon as I entered, i was almost like.. am i reli gonna do tis? LOL and yeah.. i survived d 1st nite.. d 1st class... my body is hurting but i guess its all part n parcel of d practice... im very certain as soon as im used 2 it.. d pain would go away :D *though i might suffer walking around campus 2mr wif an aching left leg... LOL* but i tink its gonna b worth it :D

im d oni malaysian there *im pretty certain tatz d case* but well, i din feel a bit left out :) i guess all of us are treated equally n i am pretty eager n look 4ward 2 d next class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wat we did today was something 2 do wif d footing n movement.. *crap.. i 4got wat its called..* bt i rmmbr komai :D its a gud thing at least i rmmbr one name... but at least i do rmmbr d steps which was taught despite not rmmbrng d names.. LOL nevertheless! ill try my best i guess and if my best is x enuf than ill try harder till my limits *not 2 d point of getting myself injured badly or netin bt 2 put in more effort than ive ever put into anythin* ^^

YAY for new activities and experiences :D

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