Sunday, April 19, 2009

as i was watchin d vid of us in nz..

tgh2 tgk vid we all kat nz dl... cam a lot of things which went through my mind... it was 5 years bck n d best thing i rmmbrd was doin d snowman.. i noe mine n my bro look like a normal one (though its not as pretty) but my dad n my sis.. hmm.. cam scarecrow XD cz it look soo stiff.... in d vid mmg ade pun gambar 2.. bt well.. i lost d pic which i took wif my bro.. as in d pic in d hp.. d reasons r:

1. dh 2kar hp... a few hp has passed b4 d current one (n im tinkin of changin again cz d hp dh wat hal)
2. d comp dh reformat.. d pic is spose 2 b there
3. i din hv a lappy.. so its oni in d desktop

i wish i still do hv it... my sis was so short (way shorter than i am which makes me proud. unlike 2day..) n well.... i hope i cn go there again.. n d doplhins r sooo cute! bt we din reli njoy snow there despite goin in winter (we oni got it in uk 2 years bck) my sis laughter was soo weird (way weirder than mine) n well... guess i did hv a gud time there... :)

*nw bck 2 study!*

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