Thursday, March 19, 2009

20 things i wanna do..

this is d list of things which i wanna do... lets start.. I WANNA:

1. write short stories and poems again but i never have d time to do so..
2. go bck 2 ky but i dun tink ill b able 2 do so...
3. grad as soon as possible n b bck wif both my masters and degree in hand
4. maintain my identity as who i am now but im worried i mite get lost half way there...
5. noe who i truly am but i get confused at times
6. let peepz now tat i truly care though i barely show it
7. learn 2 refrain myself frm losing my temper and keepin things cool
8. smile as much as i can n keep on smilin though im goin through pain
9. keep my head cool when d time comes 4 me to fly
10. wish those takin TOEFL in penang this sun all d best
11. make d gathering wif man ee a success =)
12. skip summer class n master my korean.. huhu n jap as well
13. finish my 162 assignment though it is takin me ages 2 get it done
14. finish my phil assign n prepare all d slides
15. find info on klinefelter symptom for my bio lab
16. get over d fear which i felt frm bio class on syndromes in children due to problems in meiosis n crossin over.. hence, d fear 2 conceive? XD (jk,jk) -man, i felt sorry 4 them.. so young..n goin through a lot... =(-
17. spend more time reflecting on wat ive did rather than fall asleep quarter way thru revising
18. study 4 my tests n finals n do my best 4 d dramas for bio n socs 111
19. 2 find d true meaning of happiness n peacefulness
20. 2 find d person (besides my fam n close fwenz la) who could wipe away all d sadness in me jz wif a glimpse of tat person's smile n words.. -long term goal XD-

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