Saturday, July 25, 2009

4 d 1 week of not bein at home... LOL

heeee so d whole of last week i was at kampung in mamabau at n9.. its my mum's side btw.. i stayed at my aunt n uncle's hse which are practicaly steps away frm my grams hse... :) *nevertheless, there r days i din visit grams.. ~evil cucu~*

ok so d main stuff which i did was torture my cuzins *study laaaa...* n then cook n wed onwards bcome a part time babysitter LOL not forgettin my 2nd round of fushigi yuugi which i watched frm d dvd which i bough last month *i tink* LOL i noe i luv dat anime.. n intending 2 buy d other ovas'.. d 2nd n 3rd i tink :) xcited 2 get them if i hv d time.. if x d 1 i hv now is gud enuf i tink... n due 2 tat anime.. im listening 2 loadz of luv songs.. lol... i jz realized hw i fancy luv songs... both slow n fast... :) *well, d fast isnt exactly metal like* :) its jz soothing.. i tink :)

durin d course of bein a mini babysitter.. i got d xperience of bein a housewife lol... reli, no joke.. its damn tiring.. u c.. u gotta hurry 2 get d meal done 4 my cuzins who jz got bck frm school n my uncle frm work, while at d same time make sure tat young kid doesnt stray away frm home. make sure he is clean, got enuf rest, got his milk, feed him, put him 2 bed.. attend 2 him when he starts cryin 4 reasons which i seriously hv no idea wat izit about... n then nk dukung lg.. nk pangku lg.. nk pet spi tido lg... lol.. d putin him 2 bed part is such a torture... evrytime i try 2 put him 2 bed in d evening i ended up fallin asleep as well... *c, its tiring u noe takin care of small kids n doin d housework.. ini pun x full blast lg*

i oso did my medical check up at columbia asia hospital.. well, d nurses r reli kind bt i wouldnt say d mo r kinda, well.. not reli warm.. lets jz say i wasnt reli at ease wif d doctor... i guess it is tiring 2 b smiling all d time.. bt well, a smile, jz a simple one would brighten up d envi despite d sumwat melacholic envi of d hospital.. :) no joke, reli :)bt well, it wasnt a bad xperience... overall it was fine :)

nw july is sayin gudbye n august peekin in.. it means my time ere is gettin shorter.. gosh, i pray 4 myself 2 b prepared physically, emotionally n mentally.. :) hope things goes fine n tat all of us would have a taste of success in our future :D


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