Monday, December 15, 2008

was juz tinkin

Is it possible for a person to never give up in life? Could a person be touched without any contact? How strong could a heart be and how long can the strength last when it has started to crack; the edge of breaking? As silly as it may sound but perhaps I did learn something from what I have watched. Life being taken for granted, that is what we always do. To never look back and only to remember when we are in pain. Before we start losing what we have, we should cherish it more: the ability to breathe, to watch the plants growing, to laugh with family and friends, to feel the breeze around us. To cherish those who offer us love and those whom we offer our love is not a difficult thing to do. And yet, we tend to forget. We move on but at the same time not developing our heart and soul into a better figure. We left the pain we felt before and kept on running away in hopes of forgetting the dark past. However, we forget that the darkness is the tunnel to light. There is where we force ourselves to bloom and to make the best out of what we have. Once we are in the light, again, we forget and fall into the pitch darkness and again we struggle and again we forget. Is that what all of us are good at: an expert at forgetting important things in life? Even the small smile from our loved ones should be treasured. It is not to the extent of counting each smile but perhaps to remember how it looks like and to be grateful to still be able to see it is perhaps something we should really try to do. Why wait for the pain to come then only the feeling of grateful and then regret? Regret comes only to those who fail to live their life to the fullest. Not to say I have no regrets in life (many actually) but I suppose I am trying to move on without leaving my regrets behind. To move on and still remember every second I lived and left. I know how it feels to think that our ultimate dream has gone to pieces, to have to maneuver my course of life into something I do not enjoy. However, life does not alter to your wants or needs. It is there to test you and to teach you to be grateful each and every day: To be more mature and aware in leading ourselves to reach our goals. Yes, we need to make sacrifices but do choose the right choices. Actually, I would prefer to put it this way: do listen to what your heart have to say instead of relying on your senses all the time. Sometimes it is worth listening to your intuition. I know it is. If you are in pain, remember you are never alone. There are others who suffer more than you do and that you always have your friends and family by your side; to be there at all times and listen to what you have to say. Never give up in life for life is there for us to find a way to live in this world not to find the way to death.

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