Monday, January 4, 2010

1st day of school!!

2day is d 1st day of school.. woke up 610am.. n it wasnt tat ez 2 wake up unless if i persuade myself 2 do so ^^

2day's class... korean, space n space travel n micro.. started off wif mircro... b lent d textbook frm lib.. ^^ stil waitin 4 d ess book though... :( but i got d books 4 korean.. hv been studyin korean i guess 2day *n watch dcm12 at d lib* :D

2day.. i met a few of my fwenz! YAY!!! i met manni, then xixi, lan *we r classmates tis quart!!!* then my neighbor in d building. kate i tink... *sori i 4got her name* :( n then on d way bck takumi! :) hmmm when i c lan n takumi.. d 1st things which crossed my mind is kendo.. :) n well.. havent been practicing.. so i guess ill b pretty weird on d 1st day of lesson.. hohoho

almost time 2 eat n then shower n then study again! :) a gud start 4 a gud quarter *i hope* :)

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