Wednesday, July 7, 2010

new findings! :D

new things 4 me 2 do 4 lunch n durin xm...

lunch exp: bread + butter + umeboshi paste = GUD!!!!! reli gud! :DDD 너무 너무 맛있어! 좋아!!!!! let's jz say initially i bought it and i dont know wat 2 do wif it~ exp went well n well, its gonna b gud 2 hv 2 kinda bread 2 eat durin lunch~ one is a bit saltier n sour while d other is more plain n fragrant~ :DDD

xm: eat choc while doin xm 2 keep myself calm *though last time im x a big fan of choc~ nw~~~ XD* by doin so, ill b able 2 make d xm condition less 4mal by eatin~ then ill b calmer n well~ choc itself is gud~~ glucose *xcept tat it also contains excess calories n fat which i dun need =.="*

nvrtheless~ i shal continue studyin nw~ XD

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