Friday, December 17, 2010


so today is my 1st trip 2 LA on my own~ *b4 my friends comin tis 18th* at d airport~ sum1 askd me hw did i gt cnctd 2 d net~ n i was like uh ok~ n i was tryin to open d browser and all til i realized OWH he did x cnct 2 d wifi~ i felt a bit like an idiot 4 x tinkin of tat at first~ bt well~ all was gud aftr tat ^^ it's alaska airlines~ well~ d sound of d plane was a bit scary~ bt here i am nw ^^ safe n sound ^^

the frozen sea

i was just plain bored T.T

the cloud~ so white and pure~ and i like tis shade of blue~ ^^

so i arrived~ got a taxi 2 hotel whch costed me usd60 T.T *damn!* bt well~ expected i guess~ hilton checkers is nice~ service wise and all~ so id recommend it~ regardless of my lack of attention to these kinda stuff and i dun reli care about customer service unless if it is reli2 bad id say tis is reli good~ ^^ my tolerance is pretty high bt well i tink tis is one of d best ive been to so far~ or more like cz usually its my dad who gets all d ushering and i will b hepily mindin my own stuff at d side without payin any atntn~ so yeah mayb tatz d case too ^^

got 2 d hotel at around 3~ and well around 330 went out~ and id say, gurls dun go around walkin at downtown LA esp at d alleys IF
1. ur alone
2. without a map
3. have bad sense of direction
and well, i qualify for all those 3 T.T how 2 make urself feel safer
1. act like u noe where ur goin. dun stop and look around
2. avoid lookin like a tourist. dun take pic all d time~ well yeah.. cz if u look like ur more accustomed like peepz dun exactly stare at u n all~
3. maintain a straight face n dun look around all d time~ bt stil b aware of ur surroundings
4. take note of landmarks~ at least if u get lost and cant fig out d new route 2 ur hotel, u cn jz backtrack~
so yeah~ i survived~ my journey: finance district --> jewellery district --> fashion district --> warehouse *or izit waresale district? T.T* --> toy district --> lil tokyo ^^ i did plan 2 go there bt i hd no idea hw 2 get there~ it lookd a bit far bt i did manage 2 walk there *aftr gettin a bit lost here n there* x exactly lost bt a bit confused where am i~ i was pretty much reading signboards meant 4 cars :P

so tat is
my lil journey walkin around~ ^^

by d time i arrived at lil tokyo it was gettin darker so i was walkin around searchin 4 a place 2 eat~ and tis is wat i found which made me smile and giggle XD

id dare say d kanji is def diff though XD

well~ i didnt eat there though i really had d urge to XD it was closed by d time i passed by it~ one thing which i realized~ most rest here r open later in d evening rather than hw it is in seattle~ so yeah~ it was a bit weird for me~ ^^ nvrtheless i settled 4 one of d places in the tokyo plaza~ its sushi teri i tink~

tis is d place frm outside

d wall is quite cute~ i actly found terima kasih :D

it looked pretty interesting bt 2 much i tinK~

miss, are you alone? would u like 2 sit by d bar? T.T

d atmosphere was quite ok~ it wasnt exactly home-y cozy kinda thing bt well~ ok~ n i was staring at d chief who was makin d sushi and after eatin i was so full i tink it showd on my face tat he askd me "r u ok? is everything fine?" LOL and well i ordered top much i tink~ so i was pretty much stuffin myself wif food after 1 day of not eating~


the ice tea wasnt sweet which was quite 2 my liking~ ^^

miso soup :)

the combo bento~ ^^

all in all it was ok~ bt i guess d unagi was a bit too burned cz it was slightly too bitter at certain parts and d teriyaki sauce was a bit too salty i tink~ sushi wise, i guess usually there r some wasabi spread on d sushi itself bt there wasnt any *i chckd* XD so yeah~ gotta top it a bit more than usual ^^

and well~ after tat i bought some snacks 4 breakfast, walking snacks *jz in case i get hungry while walkin* and when i showed my sis wat i bought she was like~ hmm r u reli in la T.T XD

later then got bck home~ dark~ T.T bt i found my way bck~ i used a diff route wif hopes of walkin at main streets instead of alley as wat i did initially~ got a bit confused here n there bt yeah~ i did arrive safely around 7 ish~ so i guess it took me almost an hour walkin bck home *wif my super slow pace i guess it makes sense*

got bck --> wanted to use the internet so i devised a plan tat i can use d internet till tomorrow after i get bck which is go to bed 4 a bit --> buy internet --> can use til almost 11pm tomorrow~ AND loading as much anime as i can so tat i can watch them tomorrow nite~ i shud try playin dota again too~~ ^^

destination tomorrow: chinatown and little tokyo *again*

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