Sunday, September 14, 2008

hmm.. life is unpredictable

well2... i am suddenly unwell.. at first it started wif last sunday.. it almost felt as if my body could not control my body temperature.. it kept on changing.. as in i feel hot at first suddenly cold suddenly a mix of both.. n i was not in a particularly gud condition last week n things juz kept on gettin worse i guess... soon enuf i started 2 get a slight sorethroat.. then i started coughin n then nw im losin my voice.. it is almost missing nw n i keep on coughing nw and then.. x suke bile x sihat, tp dh takdir..terima aje le.. n i cn feel my heartbeat is quite unstable.. mayb a lil bit lack of o2 i spose.. but not a big deal i tink.. well, when u start doin ur work, gettin a lil bit pressured n ur not feelin well.. i tink tatz wat happens.. although there r times i gotta stop n concentrate on my breathing.. but no biggie!! =)

tis week im spose 2 hv a quiz 4 my chem.. n yeah am studyin at d mo.. n next week i hv my maths n chem test.. dun sound cool at all.. n im stil hoping tat fri of raya will b a hol.. at least i can rest 1 day b4 sat 1.. i hope its a holz... i reli hope its a hol..

ape lg ek.. oh yeah, i hope d cards i send ke kyuem dh sampai! i msgd almost evry1 i wrote d kad 2 in order 2 infrom them about it.. kang x pasal2 they din take d card.. so yeah.. hope ill b able 2 make u guyz day up wif those cards!! =P

okies!! study2!!! exam, test n quiz nearby!! JOM HAFAL ANIONS!!!! ^_^

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