Monday, September 15, 2008


Aidid @ abg cput (by d b-11)! Tat was d first name which passed through my mind as soon as I heard the imam’s voice. Today is d first day I had my tarawikh at d masjid near home… b4 tis have been doin it bck at home… I almost smiled when I heard d imam readin d surah al-Fatihah but since I was struggling to put on my telekung, I cut d smile out and hurriedly concentrated for my prayers. But well.. for a split second it brought sweet memories back to mind… =)

Unlike in surau As-Saad in kyuem, ere I realize there r a lot of spaces between each makmum.. as my sis n I r prayin side by side I tapped her on her shoulder as a way 2 signal her 2 move closer 2 me.. not a prob 4 me 2 do tat 2 my own sis… but well.. d spaces r not super big but there r spaces still… never mind bout it… I juz kinda realize hw much I missed solat jemaah in kyuem.. lepak2 in d surau… (alamak! Terbongkar rahsia :P) getting 2 noe each other in d surau, d usrah… tazkirah (though its kinda hard 2 understand wat d guys r talkin bout frm upstairs) but I noe I missed those times though no denyin I dun go 2 d surau everyday in kyuem… I go there on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and d weekends….. hihihi.. n I thought I had a lot of time 2 reshedule my time in kyuem… hw wrong I was..

As soon as I went bck home n opened my laptop, d first song which played on my sonic stage is keep holding on by avril. Gosh, it brought back memories as this is one of d songs which we could choose frm for batch 11 theme song. I couldn’t help but smile as I hear d song… I miss d gud old days n would never trade it for anything in d whole wide world… but I noe now tat those memories r wat pushing me forward… pegi surau wif zatie, umu, skyn… relax2 kat atas kat dlm surau… check out sape imam n muazzin of d day… baca yaasin same2… al-mathurat… hw we bonded ezly in a few short minutes… n yet hw much I treasure those mins…

As life moves on I realize d true meaning of movin on without regrets in life though u dun get evrytin u wan in life… I had no regrets goin 2 kyuem n perhaps no regrets takin d scholarship either coz I noe its kinda hard 4 us 2 get it… dah rezeki macam 2… kite trime aje =p.. even if I could turn back time I would probably do it d way I did it b4.. but I mite think twice of takin d scholarship… no doubts.. but 4 d time being im contented wif wat I hv now… I noe I haven’t lost any friendships I had bck in kyuem and I noe im getting more friends frm taylorz as well… life is unfair but d unfairness is indeed d teacher to leading a balanced life… so.. luv u all.. zutto…

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