Monday, April 7, 2008

Me..A Teacher? : Week One

It was a coincidence I was offered a job as a teacher in my previous school. Who would have expected me to be one? I, the person who have been telling others that it is impossible for me to commit myself to be a teacher am now a substitute teacher for one of the teachers who is on labour leave at the moment. I was just about to leave when I met the 'Penyelia Petang' who then told me of the situation.. They are lack of a Science and KH teacher.. So, after discussing with my parents, I took it and started my day as a teacher on the next day itself which was 1 April 2008.

First day wasn't that bad. Started off the day with 1 Jujur... Kemahiran Hidup and I was teaching them Kemahiran Teknikal...Which I can honestly say I am not good at it. KT have always been seen as a guys business and I have taken no heed on this subject before until I am assigned to teach the subject to others. So, I was practically struggling with that subject... I ended up studying the subject before every class and it looks like I am studying more than the students themselves...This subject, I am teaching both Form 1 and Form 2...And obviously, Form 2 syllybus are much more challenging than Form 1..Technical Drawing is the chapter which is really testing me. My plans and elevations for my Modern Maths, I have never scored and here I am teaching Technical Drawing to the Form 2 students...Ironic isn't it?

As for Science, I am teaching only two classes which are 1E and 1C...Oh yeah...have I mentioned that I am the class teacher for 1E? Things are definitely not going easy especially when you are not used to the system and suddenly you get lots of responsibilities at the same time... But thank goodness it is still under control... Things are not going that bad. And I think it is due to the fact that I still do have a hang of my science. Years of studying science have overcome the few months of not studying any science at all after the SPM... Guess it is worth it struggling with my science subject since year 4...till form 5...

Today, Monday, is the day I conduct an experiment with both of my Science classes... Everything went well except when they are cleaning up the apparatus... Suddenly in 1E a student dropped the glass slide...Not mentioning somebody who broke the cover slid....As for 1C....a gurl broke the white tile...What a day! A day of breaking apparatus and materials used for experiments.... Bad isn't it? But I guess that is one way or another for the kids themselves to learn to be more cautios and responsible in handling apparatus in d future.

At the moment I am taking a break from planning out my teaching lessons for the whole week...I need to pass up my teaching record book every Friday afternoon inclusive of reports for my lesson for next monday..So I need to be able to plan my lessons properly.. Planning really well... So that I don't panic during each classes...

So, there goes the first week of my teaching... Conclusion, I had three meetings during that week (KH, Science, and all teachers meeting), got a headache for needing to mark too many books at the same time, met students with various attitudes (really..too many attitudes that sometimes I think I might go crazy..) and thought my old uniform unit how to march. It was a pack week but I guess at the end of the day I was enjoying myself quite well... Teaching can be fun, if you know how to handle it... :)

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