Monday, May 10, 2010

almost a success ^^

so over the weekends i did my 1st gyoza~~~ honestly, experiments are definitely fun when it comes to cooking... my 3 main websites for experiments covers both Japanese and Korean cuisines but well.. i doubt ive managed 2 make it reli authentic esp since i dun 4low d measurements... my fav websites, Just Hungry, Just Bento and definitely Aeri's Kitchen, inspires *FUYOO* me 2 do more experiments.. esp over d weekends as a way for me to wind down from d craziness of assign, school, etc~~~~ so, my gyoza~~~~ it turned out well.. pretty much.. d filling tasted gud.. *4 me at least* XD n well.. d 1st attempt was quite bad as i put d flame 2 high which made d gyoza stick 2 d pan and it was 2 soggy.. so d 2nd time i made amendments 2 my fry-steam-d-gyoza-mission... d 2nd attempt: fried d gyoza 2 short, so d one side wasnt tat brown or crispy.. bt at least d amount of water is right so it wasnt soggy~~~~~ :D so well~~~ wasnt 2 bad~~ n tis time i froze my gyoza individually and kept it in a plastic bag.. OMG it made me feel reli proud of my own gyoza coz it lookd like those sold in stores *well.. d fact that they dun stick 2 one another reli made me hepi* lol.. not tat d taste and look is similar =.=" but nvm! worth d try ^^

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