Tuesday, May 25, 2010

d 1st half of tues~~

..is horrible~~~

1. woke up in front of my lappy~~ tinkin~~ wat am i doin here?? then rmmbrd i ws spose 2 edit my paper b4 i feel asleep~~~
2. continued editin n shower n left 4 class
3. go 2 lib.. wanted 2 print paper... n then WOW I LEFT MY PURSE AT HOME @.@
4. go 2 class 5 mins late *cz was searchn 4 id* n xplained 2 ta =.="
4. searched 4 book.. missing... jz rmmbrd mayb dump it in wif othr books =.="
5. go 2 lib chckd if book there.. its not~~~
6. went bck 2 get stdnt id... *which meant i ditchd my 930 class.. its d 1st class i ditchd in my life* thn jz rmmbrd d so called lost book was in d other poket of d bag~~ >.< 7. frustrated --> ate my food 4 dinner at 1000am
8. soon--> go 2 lib n print --> hand in paper --> go 2 class HUHUHU

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