Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bitter Illusion

it just so happened i felt like it... it was pretty swift when it happened.. bck form kendo.. 10 mins of lying on the bed thinking and this is what i get... *shud i put a smiley?*

a ship without a sailor
a kite without a string
that is me
lost in the midst of life
searching for an answer
behind the veil of lies.

walking aimlessly
a direction unknown to me
bodies pass by
lost; unknown faces
crowding my eyes.

a single soul; smiling
a ray of light beneath the cloud
warmth creeping within the rain
and i move towards the smile
with spirits hoping to set ablaze.

running towards you
a person i thought i saw
a single blink
the path you were there - empty
the warmth - cold
the light - darkness
the face familiar - foreign
and i stood still; thinking
of an illusion i once had
of a smiling face
and tears rolling
silently singing a melancholic rhythm
echoed through my soul.

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