Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my little heaven

i was doin my readin 4 my sisea 242 class.. hee.. as usual, daydreaming and gettin distracted: my specialty ^_^

The past was when the sky was bright
the past was when laughter filled the empty space
the past was when we could run freely like the birds
crossing the green fields and flowers smiling brightly
wind dancing to the rhythm of nature
and us... happiness filled our soul.

what robbed us from our little heaven?
the past i've known tainted with the black yesterday
the lingering taste of happiness has died
red sea on the green field
lifeless bodies lying on this sacred land
children crying and women singing endless song of pain
where is the heaven i once called home?

trying to erase the darkness
as i stood alone at the green field
searching for hope in the blue sky
looking for the light from within the darkness
planting seeds of strength from the buds of sadness.

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