Tuesday, January 4, 2011

no, i'm just writing nonsense~

as usual, i was being a bit emotional after the drama i watched ended~ well, it ended at 1am last night but i only get to sleep at 130-ish because i was reminiscing the whole story~ XD i would say there are some facts found within the context of the drama but i think there are definitely some which was added deliberately in order to make this drama a drama, not a historical documentary~

talking about drama~ on the way back home from school i was thinking *after hours of watching drama* our life is a drama itself~ the curtain was raised as soon as we were born and will be dropped once the time comes... don't you think so? as much as directors used downturns and happiness to stir emotions within the viewers, if we were to reflect upon our previous deeds, we might realize that our life might be more dramatic than the dramatic dramas' that we have watched. T.T --> again another nonsense... but perhaps the reason these events went silently pass us is because it happened within a long period of time throughout our life instead of being shown 1 hour daily or weekly on tv~ time gave us space to think and calm ourselves down before the next major event happens which makes the rush of feelings to not be as intense as the drama~ yes, there are events which remain etched in our hearts and some which remain as painful as when it happened but well~ as time passes by, it will eventually heal a bit and it will help us to be stronger ^_^ as long as a person owns a heart and some conscience, believe it or not~ they could change to be better in the future :)

the small things which happen in life occurs all the time and as in the drama i guess it is true that small events do shape your mind~ and make a big difference~ a simple note or a simple smile from the person important to you could make a big difference... and a simple stare or provocation from the person who you take as your enemy could stir the worst emotions from deep within your heart. i guess i know this quite well because... that is how i am? maybe~ i myself have yet to understand and totally comprehend how my brain works, so~ yeah...

my story has yet to end and so is yours~ there are still a lot of things which we will go through, good or bad, alone or together, but i think we should always remind ourselves that there is always a reason behind each events and we should learn to benefit from each of them despite how painful it is or despite how meaningless it seems to us at first sight~ we are the actor, director but others are the audience. let's continue our small journey and make the best our of everything! ^^ *major rambling*

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