Thursday, January 13, 2011

waiting... again and again...

waiting can either make or break a person~ i guess it is a bad idea to make a person esp if that person is imp to u but wat makes things harder if u r actly imp 2 tat person jz tat u dun noe it n u sumwat make d other person wait 4 u without intending 2 do so~ as for waitin is concern, it depends on d contxt on hw long i could take it~ bt jz in general... im x a fan of waitin; considerin my lack of patience and temper --> lol --> bad idea XD

cant deny though, durin tat period *long wait* id usually reflect on myself and rethink of my position... wats on d surface mite x b d same wif wats inside... bt at d same time d more i try 2 hid d more it shows, mayb~ and at one point perhaps its best to jz let it flow~ emotions is sumtin which i like 2 equate to water. stop it frm flowing --> build up --> can either later dry up or it cn ruin d dam *d dam being my common sense, maybe* so yeah --> either way its bad; either i numb myself frm feeling it again or i break... lettin it flow puts me in a vulnerable position bt yeah~ id say im x tat gud at it bt well... due 2 my selfishness... i shud do tat sumtimes though d more imp sumtin is 2 me, d more id try 2 hide it bt tink about it again, mayb x 2 much of hiding~ XD ok, i dunno bt well~ i wouldnt do anytin too public... i guess at some point id rather it go unnoticed... ^_^ 난 정말~ 바보처럼~ 근양... at one point it feels like im tryin 2 prtct my own self by doin tat.... though i noe i mite hv hurt myself evn more cz of tat... >.< 지금 어떻게 해야 돼? 기다리지 않으면 슬프고 계속 기다리면 마음이 아프거든~ ㅜ.ㅜ there i go.. talkin nonsense again.. mayb i shud focus on my reading~~~ ^_^

(Glass Heart)
A shattering sound
and i searched for the broken glass
yet these blinded eyes
see nothing but a picture of self
numbed from the chill of cry
and yet the lips were painted with a smile
could a person be buried with deception
to cover a feeling with a feeling
and that deceiver is I
the empty smile on a hollow image of me
continuously bleeding without a sign
as i am the owner of the broken heart of glass.

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