Saturday, August 16, 2008

let d sufferings begin!

so tis morning i had my first SAT I diagnostic test... its kinda tough due 2 d time constraint.. d test itself is close 2 4 hours n it has 10 parts in it... it mite sound kinda long but actually i skipped several questions coz i din wanna waste 2 much time on 1 q... 6 parts r 25 minutes each, 2 parts 20 minutes each n d last one is 10 mins.. in d actual sat there is another experimental part but since it is not counted in d marks of d xm.. so i spose there is no trials 4 tat part..

i was at d princeton review in kl frm 9am til 5pm.. d xm was frm 9-1, break 1 hour n frm 2-5 i had my english class... it sounded long but coz d essay 4mat is kinda diff n we talkd a lot in class (since benjamin insisted on not having d class quiet) so we dun reli feel time passing by... n yeah, this is d hw list 4 d first class :

1) grading the essay (page 214 - 223)
2) grading of statements in essay (page 228 - 249)
3) write a summary of a novel
4) finish up test 1 and test 2
5) write 4 essays (d topics r given....)
6) memories all words listed in d manual (lets c.. approx 360 words!!)

n all of tis shud b done by fri morning as i hv classes on sat!!! cool aite? i tink im suffering more now compared 2 havin 2 do a levels! gudness! do pray 4 me tat i dun lose my mind by d end of d day... when tis semester is over i shud b free again.. so now! chop2 letz study!!

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