Friday, August 1, 2008

MCB is over!

So yeah, d minggu citra budaya in kyuem juz ended 2nite… d whole week there r special activities n things like tat… I was practically involved with pantun n honestly I think I freaked up n was d worst among d rest! Seriously! No joke.. n its my first time doin pantun as well.. its different than joinin pidato or perbahasan 4 d first time.. mayb coz it needs me 2 utilise and reli ransack my brain 4 cool n beautiful vocabs for d pantun.. unlike d other 2..

But 2 our pleasure (our = topazians!) d pantun team did win! We r d champion! Cool isn’t it? But yeah.. I was so shocked n im in total debt 2 both teammates of mine mahfuzah @ muffin n amir.. another thing bout me is I keep on calling amir ariff.. there is definitely sumtin wrong wif my tiny minute brain… getting more damaged over time I guess..

2nite we had d closing ceremony.. sapphire won d whole thing n me as well as a couple of my topazian mates (mahfuzah n fathiyah) were kinda teased by our sapphirian friends.. doesn’t matter… wat matters most is I noe hw hard d whole of TOPAZ workd throughout this whole week n definitely winning is a plus point in havin tis week but wat matters most is tat we r bonding reli well among us topazians… ;) neways, our boria did get 2nd place, as well as galah panjang n umm.. baling selipar if im not mistaken.. not tat bad either! :)

Okies.. there is a test 2mr.. maths! N I haven’t studied 4 it yet.. gotta start studying!

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