Monday, August 11, 2008

n here i go again...

so 2day i went 2 taylors 4 d registration thingy... n i cant stop myself frm comparing kyuem with taylors... n well i spose u noe who i will side wif.. ;p quite obvi isnt it... (unless if tis is d first time u read my blogs, then well....)

nw im gonna move out of home (again) n well start my adp prog in taylors... i tink tatz d main reason i din get 2 continue my studies in kyuem, coz of d adp prob.. goin 2 us thingy.. d accommodation 2 home is practically less than 5 mins drive.. its beside mydin n giant (no prob findin 4 food!! =p) n i juz remembered i hv a fwen who is currently in taylors n under jpa as well. juz contacted him n he said things r fine at d apartment.. so 2mr ill get a new roommate n a new place 2 call... i dun tink ill eva regard it as home as im gonna go bck home almost evry week... since its damn close... n well... i dunno y... izit possible i hv closed my heart? as in i accept my placement in taylors but i dun embrace it?

2mr i hv sum briefings n i gotta prepare myself 4 my SAT which will commence tis october... so yeah, mock n things like tat i spose.. n there is a possibility im gonna seat for an eng test (again) 2 get 2 noe my current eng standard... so i spose tatz all 4 2nite.. i kinda 4gotten wat else i wanna talk about... (gettin old.. hehehe) n i gotta study 4 sat!! i got a book n doin sum of d q on9 as well... so.. til then!! cheerz!!!

p/s - ive written 2 poems (one in malay n d other in eng) n im kinda proud of it coz
its been sumtime since ive written seriously... hihihi

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