Monday, March 14, 2011

im silly~ LOL

so due to the past few days of hibernating b4 i reli wanna do tat.. i tried to do things one step ahead b4 my brain tell myself to hibernate.. :DDDD i tried to outdo myself.. LOL so what i did was past midnite --> turn off d lights --> roll myself wif my blanky --> continue readin my notes and that was the nite when i stayed up pretty late but then alas.. i did sleep in front of my lappy without me realizin it.. xcept tat tis time i managed to save some electricity rather than waking up and WTH! lights are still on~ xD d silly things i do~ xD

and. and... my listenin practice for korean.. :D im very happy i am a bit more enlightened when listenin korean songs.. im no more listenin jz 4 d heck of it bt im tryin 2 understand d song.. :DDD its goin on pretty well so far *minus off the vocab i dont know* but there are a few things which i realize are my major weakness. i havent managed 2 tell d diff between ㅗ n ㅓ, ㅔ n ㅐ *though i was told it sounds d same bt its hard 4 me to translate what it means coz i keep on gettin d wrong spelling* and double consonants. i would also say in songs its hard for me to catch the word and it kinda makes me confused... and i feel totally silly when i read the lyrics and im like.. owh.. i noe tat word actually -.-;;;;;;;;;;;; orz owh well.. more room for improvement! ^^

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