Monday, March 7, 2011

question of the day: how bad can i mess things up?

ok so today.. i know i need to go to school early.. to print out my script to pass it to my teacher... wake up early, checked! yes i managed to wake up earlier than usual.. more like i have been waking up earlier than usual the past couple of days.. for some unknown reason.. maybe my brain is taking charge of my body and telling me how i need to start waking up early... owh.. well.. but i did end up rolling in my blanky for another half an hour.. but even after that its still earlier than usual~

get stuff ready... edit the script again *adding in all the corrections* and then i was thinking.. i need to do something with it.. but.. owh well... i have no idea what is it... let's just shut the laptop and start getting ready to school... *mistake 1*

then move out of room --> take all stuff i need and went to reheat my lunch... then --> owh... why are things not so clear.. gosh.. spectacles *mess up 2* --> went to the room and get it

packing stuff up.. hmm.. today saba... wait... i think i need something else... what else should i bring for my lunch.. yeah.. gum.. crap, its in the room *mess up 3* --> went back to my room and get it

ok.. today.. IMA.. clothes, etc all ready... owh wait... shoes.. hmm its in the locker room.. owh yeah... my socks for wateva im gonna do there... nice.. i gotta go to my room again *mess up 4*

so yeah.. from leaving at 945... i ended up leaving at 1010. yeah still have a lot of time to go to ode --> PAA and still not be late for class... i can walk fast.. heeee... not too bad...

walking to the lib.. why do i need 2 go there.. yeah print the script... i lost my USB again.. so.. crap, i forgot to mail the document to my own email so that i can print it... owh yeah, that was what i was supposed to do before shutting down my laptop *continuation of mess up 1* man.. whats wrong with me today... so rushed to the library... and my laptop took ages to start up... got it printed at 1030. there goes my time management... rushed to class... late but thankfully class havent started yet... \^O^/

lunch time... ok sweet. lunch... yeah.. xcept i kinda lost my appetite since yesterday --> gotta force myself to eat *+ yesterday, forced myself to cook.. i dun feel like it at all* so i thought things will be fine from now... well x reli fine but at least without any messing up of stuff.. ate lunch.. ok i wanna drink my tea... and then... THEN! damn i forgot to soak my tea bag -.-; *mess up 5* seriously...

its only half day gone.. i wonder what else can i mess up today.. 5 things in a day... im feeling even worse now... i havent been feeling right for the past few days and i guess.. its causin me to mess my days even more... T.T

---------------------------part 2

went to d gym.. got lazy.. i was supposed to do some stretchin + sit up + push up --> laziness.. i cut everything to lesser number of times... see... im lazy and i ended up staring at the ceiling or at the floor for a few mins.. i din reli mess netin up here or there at ima. but then i managed to do elliptical at a constant pace *HAHAHA* for 30mins.. which means.. mayb.. maybe my stamina is gettin a bit better! :D (+1) so yeah i was pretty happy~ :D

so after ima-ing inclusive of all d stuff i do there... i started to walk back home.. HOME early coz internet was really bad back at suz... it was soo slow i felt like i could faint.. i couldnt even talk 2 my fwen... gosh... (mu6)

so i was walkin hepily.. innocently tinkin things will b fine now.. walking.. walking.. looking at the grass and then i almost twisted my ankle... (mu7) i wasnt jumping or anything like it... i just almost fell and was close to twisting my ankle.. T.T for no reason... for no reason at all.... no1. it was embarrassing no2. it hurts.. a bit... when i thought all will be fine.. T.T

nxt.. i started walking like an obaasan.. super slow... and my bag was sumwat super heavy.. its d usual load but it felt worse than usual all d way up d stairs frm ima... man.. i guess its just me being weird... maybe its d weight of wat im tinkin off makes me a bit.. crazy.. possibly... -.-; but well... and i continued walkin slowly xcept when crossing roads *i dun plan 2 get hit by a car or anger drivers for crossing like a turtle* so yeah... it took me hmm... 40mins ish to walk back today... lol.. double the time than usual... -.-;

but on d way bck... (mu8) took place... yeah... i was walkin and suddenly i dropped my file for no reason.. i was holding it and it just.. slipped.. i tink i accidentally let it go.. or something like that... i didnt bump into anythin neither was i shocked by anything.. i just... dropped it... for no apparent reason... -.-;

at least now im safe bck at home... i hope im not going 2 do anytin which could make things worse for me.. studies wise.. im almost done with all readings.. so not too bad.. ill try my best 2 b gentler 2 myself~

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