Sunday, March 6, 2011

phew.. looonnnggg day~ ^_^

today is highline taikai! yeah,, initially i was more to super nervous that i thought im going to faint at the dojo.. but i guess i wasnt supremely nervous that it didnt actually happen *good thing* so i managed to wake up early and got at the parking lot on time 2 meet up with the others~ *phew* looking at how bad i am at waking up in the morning.. it is a really good thing that i managed to pull it off... more like i know i can wake up just that im being plain old lazy me~ XD

so d taikai.. it went well... tied one, lost 2.. -.-; but at least it's d experience which really matters to me... some comments which i received *it sumwat sounds like tis*

1. you make many good hits *HIHIHI* but i dont know which one do you want. u need to show me what you really want to hit so that i can call it a point --> resolution: i need 2 b more decisive when doin any matches and instead of just hitting whatever i can get.. plan ahead.. *if i can do tat -.-;*

2. you were 2 close in, so that's why all ur hit gets jammed --> resolution: im bad at my distance, bt ill try 2 be more mindful of it and instead of just hitting whenever i want to.. i should think first~

3. you did good by chasing them after getting hit but you should do it at 3/4 of their speed so tat u dun get too close in and hit too deep --> resolution: i should use my common sense more rather than just go around running.. gotta remember distance T.T

4. you might need to hold your komai higher since others are taller so its ez 4 thm 2 get ur men. but you put a lot of pressure *or is it tension.. -.-;* im proud of you! *i love Noelle!* :D --> resolution: adjust my komai and continue putting pressure

conclusion: i need 2 use my brain more durin kendo.. i shall have fun but at d same time more tactical? hee im kinda xcited for practice tis wed and uw taikai too~ :D fun friday, most prob ill jz help out.. unless if sumtin else cmes up~ esp since im a 4kyu.. i tink i shud def try harder 2 improve my kendo... and x mess around too much.. bt at d same time not lose d fun of doin kendo :)

hmm other imp dates... lets c... meetings and quizzes...
03.16 --> korean finals
03.18 --> sisea 212 finals


i shall stop there.

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