Saturday, March 26, 2011

my 1st ever homemade ice cream!!

YES i managed to make my own ice cream~ without an ice cream maker.. yes.. texture wise not as smooth as how i wish it would be but since i dont have d maker.. so yeah~ ^^ heee green tea ice cream.. nxt time i ought to reduce 1 egg yolk but it stil taste gud as it is now ^^ heeee and its easy to make.. besides my impatience to eat it... ^^ but its reli simple~ HEHEHE i guess i kinda memorized hw 2 make it by nw.. im glad i strained d mixture b4 freezing it.. so tat there r x lumps of watever stuff in my ice cream~ HEEE nxt time.. i shall try out some other flavor.. HEEEE im so proud of myself.. for real.. this time :D

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