Saturday, March 19, 2011

pre and post finals!

----------------------------pre (last) finals---------------------------------------------------

sooooooooooooooooooooooo yes! i felt useful on 17th.. :D volunteerin is a gud thing 2 do.. ^^ its a gud experience.... so wat i did was helpin JCCW 2 collect donations 4 peace winds america n american red cross... ^^ one thing i learnt is x judge a person by their physical appearance.. those who i thought might donate end up din do tat and those i din expect actly donated quite generously! not all.. but well.. some.. it's hard to convince peepz 2 donate at some point.. and esp d 1st time when we *joyce n me* were standin at d side there.. we did look kinda illegit.. LOL college students without any id, etc sdnly standing there askin 4 donations... if im in their shoes i wouldnt donate too... lol we did get.. yeah i will donate but not here --> change of strat --> jz give out flyers until we got the donation box, name tag and d red cross vest ^^

wat i did that day... collect donations, gv our flyers and run around uwa 2 send d box to and fro ^^it was tiring.. in a way.. *i was bowing excessively -.-;;;* n i kinda realize i used a higher pitch tha usual and smiling more than usual and a bit more.. umm kinder lookin than usual (?) lolz.. owh wel.. i guess i was hepi wif wat i was doin~ its fun and rewarding ^^ and on top of that.. gotta socialize around wif other volunteers.. meetin new peepz! which is always fun :) i shud do these kinda things more often... it is pretty rewarding... so yeah ^^ and of course, it didnt rain which allowed us to remain dry the whole day... and def, since its in uwa... shoppin.. and bought my edamame and gobo.. and sotaimo! :DDDD heee cookin is fun :)

---------------------post finals--------------------------------------------------------------

meet up wif d gurls (dib, joyce, manny, keat yee, chai fong, yih en) and had sushi for dinner after my finals!!! musashi @ wallingford... it's pretty nice there i guess.. a bit small --> x reli a fam place 2 go bt its a gud place 2 jz drop by get something and get going.. ^^ it is gud and d price is reasonable :) tnx 2 joyce who dragged all of us there.. ^^ and then later after that --> bbtea at oasis and guess who i met.. noelle and damon.. xD chat 4 a bt b4 joinin d gurls gain... ^^ *owh n i got green mango slush xD --> it's ok i guess bt x sour >.<* we talk bout lots of random stuff... boy we havent met 4 a long time!! it felt like a tiny reunion.. xcept tat we din take tat much pics xD i kinda miss evry1.. we shud def do tat again soon... talk talk talk at oasis til ard 9 --> went 2 bartells --> joyce hse till 1100 -.-;;; --> bck home.. lol

anime anime anime --> essay --> anime --> essay --> anime --> essay --> anime --> edit! i luv editin bt i tink editin is harder than writin d paper itself.. i did edit my own ppr n ended up rewritin d whole essay --> cz d msg wasnt clear.. -.-;;;;;; owh well.. lets c hw things goes...

ps: i jz pulled an all nighter.. havent slept since i woke up 4 xm... i nvr pull all nighter 4 d right reason xD

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